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If you run a Series Land Rover related business or service—especially vehicle sales, parts & accessory sales, repair, restoration, import/export, forum, club, events, or training—then we'd love to have you advertise on!

Why Advertise on

  1. Drive more Series Land Rover customers to your site. Series Land Rover owners need businesses that support them and their vehicle, so one of most important things we can do is help ensure that you stay in business by getting more customers. And you know that customers coming from our site own or want to own Series Land Rovers and so will need your services.
  2. Help our users find services related to their Series Land Rovers. As Series Land Rover owners, our users need services that specifically support the needs of their older vehicles and our business is to help connect them with that. Advertising from businesses that do support them is extremely important to that, otherwise Ads are auto-generated and The Cloud just sees us as an “automotive” site (trust us, none of us want to see "Ford" ads).
  3. Help us fund further development. We love Series Land Rovers and we want to keep every single one of them on the road. Our way of doing that is providing services that help Series Land Rover owners connect with parts and businesses to keep theirs in ship shape. Relevant ads not only will drive more customers to Series Land Rover businesses, but that advertising fee will help us continue to grow the site to meet our users’ needs.

We're small and growing, currently averaging over 3000 page views per month.

How to Advertise on

We use Google AdSense ads on our site, so advertising on is easy, inexpensive, and targetable. By using Google Adwords, you can target the entirety or just specific sections of our site, you specify how much you are willing to pay, who you want to advertise to (by region & language), and you compete only with others who are actively advertising on our site (we don't set any prices). Here's a quick crash course:

  1. If you don't already have a Google Adwords account, create one now. It doesn't cost anything to create or set up ads you only pay for running campaigns (by millions of displays or clicks, depending on how you configure your campaigns).
  2. We suggest creating a new "Display Network only" Campaign for your ads on our site as it'll make it easier for you to target & monitor.

    New Campaign > Display Network Only

  3. There aren't any specific settings in the campaign that you'll need to set for advertising on our site, but since we have users from all around the world, we suggest paying careful attention to which locations you're targeting. For example:

    • A US-based online/mail order parts supplier might want to target the United States & Canada (depending on their export restrictions, of course).
    • A California, US-based garage might only want to target the surrounding cities and/or states which are within reasonable driving distance.
    • A UK-based garage might only want to target towns and/or counties which are nearby.
    • A UK-based online/mail order parts supplier that also exports to other continents might want to target all countries.
  4. When creating a new Ad Group, you'll need to configure it to target, as follows:

    1. Under the "Choose how to target your ads" heading, select "Use a different targeting method".
    2. From the "Select a targeting menu" pop-up menu, select "Placements".

      Use a different targeting method > Placements

    3. Click the "Add multiple placements at once" link to manually add target URLs.

      Add multiple placements at once

    4. In the "Add multiple placements at once" dialog box, add any URLs you'd like to display ads on (on per line). For example: "", "", etc.) and then click the Add button.

      Add multiple placements at once

  5. Finally, create an ad (or multiple) in the new Ad Group in the new Campaign. We currently have a single 728x90 Leaderboard ad unit at the top of every page which accepts image/rich media ads only.

We're not Google AdWords experts, but are happy to answer any questions and assist with any part of this process to help you advertise on our site, so please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you, even if just to tell us you're starting to advertise on our site.