Series Land Rover Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

What would you say you do here?

We want to be your starting point for finding parts for any Land Rover Series vehicles, including the Series I, II, IIA, III, IIA Forward Control, IIB Forward Control, Lightweight/Air-Portable, or Stage I V8. To that end, we find Series parts from a number of auction/classifieds sites and pull them into a central, searchable database. We pull in these parts listings from all around the globe, so if you're looking for a hard to find part you're probably going to find it.

We don't intend to stop there, we'll also be providing comprehensive lists of parts suppliers and garages/restoration shops. This will be ideal when you don't want to buy from some random guy on the Internet, need the part ASAP, or need someone to do the repair for you.

Why Series Land Rover Parts?

We've got a 1982 Series III 88" that we'd like to continue our rolling restoration of and this is the tool we were looking for to help with that. If we can keep a few more Series Land Rovers on the road, we'll be ecstatic. And, beyond that, if we can earn enough through advertising & affiliate programs to buy some of the parts for our Series III, then we'll be even happier.

Where do you pull in all the parts from?

We currently gather parts from the following sites and will be adding more in the future:

How frequently do you update the list of parts?

Every hour. It might be nice to do so more frequently, but it actually takes a fair amount of time to search for Land Rover parts all around the globe, not to mention that we don't consider this a cutthroat market.

Are there any guarantees on part availability, quality, or seller reliability?

Certainly not from us! Many of the sites we pull parts in from are classifieds sites with no guarantees or rating systems. This is buyer beware and you'll need to perform your own due diligence and watch out for scams/frauds/etc.

Each site maintains their own policies and support information, but you may find Craigslist's Avoiding Scams & Fraud or eBay's Buyer Tips pages helpful.

Can you help me fix my Series Land Rover?

We're not profession mechanics and would hate to see you or your Series Land Rover injured from advice we gave, so we can't really provide any support in that area. That said, there are a number of great forums out there with very helpful members who have a lot more experience with the intricacies of the various years than we do:

If we've missed one here, please let us know and we'll add it to the list.

Where can I learn more about the history of my Series Land Rover?

First steps first, find your Rover’s chassis number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can use tools such as Wim van Dorst’s CalVIN or the Land Rover VIN Tool to look up the original details of your specific Series Land Rover at the time of assembly. This can give you a good idea of any modifications made after manufacture.

Next, if your Rover lives in, or was imported from, the UK and you know the registration plate numbers (which are assigned by vehicle, as opposed to driver as is the case in many countries), you can look up the registration history using the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA) Vehicle Inquiry. Some of this information may cross over with the aforementioned chassis/VIN details, but some (esp. the first registration and liability dates) can be helpful in understanding the history of your Rover.

Last, but certainly not least, you can purchase various documentation & certificates of the heritage of your Rover from the Archive of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (BMIHT) from the Heritage Motor Centre.

I've broken down far from home... help!

That's not really a question, but that's beside the point. Stay calm, you and your Rover will get through it.

Hopefully our Garages list will help you find a local mechanic who can help troubleshoot & repair. Or, maybe our Suppliers list can help you find the part you need to get quickly. We also highly suggest joining the Birmabright Brotherhood in the hopes that a fellow Rover owner is near enough to drive to your location and provide a helping hand, tools, or maybe even a spare part so you can limp to a garage or get back on your way.

Why are parts from eBay shown in separate lists than those from other sources and not visible on maps at the same time as other sources & businesses?

It's a requirement of the eBay Developers Program that we're happy to comply with. Don't worry, if you search for something, we show you two lists: one with parts from eBay and one with parts from all other sources; and on the local map, it's a simple toggle of a checkbox to see other parts listings & businesses. So, you'll still be able to find what you're looking for, they're just not commingled.

Did you take that photo in the header?

We wish!

That amazing photo was taken (and is under copyright) by Budhi Santoso and is used with permission. The original, color version can be found on Flickr alongside his many other Land Rover photos.

(And, no, our Series III is not depicted.)

How can I perform advanced searches?

By default, we AND multiple search terms together, so if you search for "wheel nut", we'll show you results which contain both "wheel" and "nut", but not those which contain only "wheel" or "nut". If you use any of the following advanced search operators, we'll rely solely on the search you've provided:

  • Prepending a '+' to the beginning of a search term makes it a required, so this is the equivalent of an AND. For example, if you search for "+fairey +overdrive" we'll give you results that contain "fairey" and "overdrive". Also, if you search for "fairey +overdrive", we'll give you results which contain "overdrive" and anything that also happens to contain "fairey" (although it's not required).
  • Prepending a '-' to the beginning of a search term marks it to never be included, so this is the equivalent of a NOT. For example, if you search for "-fairey +overdrive" we'll give you results which include "overdrive" but do not include "fairey".
  • Prepending a '>' to the beginning of a search term makes it rank higher in search results. For example, if you search for ">lucas +switch" then we'll give you results which contain "switch" and if they contain "lucas" we'll rank them higher.
  • Prepending a '<' to the beginning of a search term makes it rank lower in search results. For example, if you search for "<britpart +brake" we'll give you results which include "brake" but those that contain "britpart" are ranked lower.
  • Appending '*' to the end of a search term is a wildcard, so that term will match any words that begin with it. This is ideal for partial, shortened, or plural terms. For example, if you search for "tire*" we'll give you results that contain "tire", "tires", "tired", etc.
  • Wrapping parenthesis ('(' & ')') around search terms groups them together so that you can combine operators. For example, if you search for "bonnet (+hood -canvas)" we'll give you results that contain "bonnet", or contain "hood" but not "canvas".
  • Wrapping double quotes ('"' & '"') around search terms makes them require an exact match. For example, if you search for ""old stock"" we'll give you results which only contain the phrase "old stock", not "old" and "stock".
  • There is no explicit OR operator, but if you wrap search queries in parenthesis without using any other operators, we'll 'or' them together for you. For example, if you search for "(moko lesney matchbox)", we'll give you results which contain "moko", "lesney", or "matchbox".
You list parts from all around the world, can they be shipped to me?

Maybe, but probably not. If you fully intend to buy a part that's not in the same country as you, contact the seller and open a dialog about shipping options. Even if they will ship it, expect to pay additional shipping charges, duties, and taxes.

What do I do if I found a non-Series part?

We've spent a lot of time fine tuning our searches to weed out as much of the non-Series Land Rover parts as possible, but there may be a few things that we miss. If you found something that really doesn't belong and have a modern web browser, you can click the exclamation mark (!) icon next to the part's title to report it for moderation by an administrator, we'll take it off the site and do our best to prevent similar parts from appearing in the future. If you don't have a modern web browser, please let us know what part should be removed and we'll be happy to take care of it for you. Every inaccurate part you report to us will help make the site smarter, so we thank you in advance for your help in improving it.

But, why am I still finding Defender parts?

Yes, for better or worse, some Land Rover Defender parts are compatible with various Series Land Rovers or can be made to work (not that we're suggesting that). So, with that in mind, we do not weed out Defender parts as thoroughly as we do, say, Discovery parts.

Do you intend to make money off this site?

We'd love to, yeah. We think we have a unique & useful tool here and would like for it to be financially worth our while. We've certainly got to pay for development, hosting & bandwidth or we'll be in the hole. We'll be attempting to earn some income through advertising and affiliate programs, but donations are welcome!

Can I advertise on this site?

Please do! We welcome relevant advertising, especially those parts suppliers & garages that we also list, and would love to help foster business for any Series Land Rover related business. Check out our Advertising page for details and drop us a line if you have any questions!

What's new around here, anyway?

Instead of trying to keep a running update here, there's version number at the bottom of every page that lists the current version of the site. Clicking on it will take you to the release notes for that particular version on our Version History page. It's probably best to mosey on over there for the nitty-gritty.

I've got a feature suggestion, will you implement it?

Maybe, but we already have a vision of where we want to take this site, so don't hold it against us if we don't. If there's functionality you can't live without, let us know what it is and we'll definitely review the possibility.