Series Land Rover Parts

Version History


Fix for search results still showing parts that were hidden or marked for moderation. Fix for disappearing garage & supplier business listings.


Fix to bug preventing new parts from being added. Minor update to FAQ question regarding reporting non-Series Land Rover parts.


Massive overhaul of underlying architecture to move from somewhat monolithic to far more modular structure which allows easier & faster development of more advanced features. Greatly reduced memory requirements and increased performance when viewing parts lists.

Added ability for end users to mark parts which are not compatible with Series Land Rovers for moderation by an administrator. New administration tools for moderating parts flagged for review as well as adding & updating business listings.


Fixes to fetching of parts from eBay.


Fixes to fetching & parsing of Craigslist ads.


Improvements to the Local map to remember the user’s previous location & settings, plus support for manually re-centering the map on the user’s current location (or country, if using a web browser that lacks location support).


Fix to currency calculations which was causing $0.00 prices on parts in currencies other than the user’s local currency.

A new Q&A in the FAQ linking to resources for researching the heritage of one’s Series Land Rover. Improved 404 error page. Parts & businesses are now tagged for microdata.


Improvements to the accuracy of eBay part locations, currencies, and prices when fetching from multiple eBay sites.


Fixed bug in fetching new Craigslist ads introduced in the 20130914 release. Disabled fetching ads from as the site has been shut down.


Fixed bug in detection of expired/deleted Craigslist ads due to changes in data formatting. Updated eBay logos to newest logo styling. Changes to social media badges & on the homepage (esp. Twitter & Pinterest).


A new Local section which brings the ability to view parts (either from eBay or other sources) and/or businesses (garages and/or suppliers) on a local map. The map auto-centers on the user's location if location services are available, otherwise on the user's country by IP address. Minor updates to the homepage, FAQ, and colophon regarding the new section.


Fixes to aggregation & parsing of Craigslist ads required by changes in data formatting.


A minor fix to “user bar” rendering prior to automatic country & currency detection.

Addition of a new Events Calendar page, linked to from the site navigation. New popular searches added to the homepage, including a prominent placement for the Birmabright Brotherhood (also mentioned in the FAQ). Linked to our Pinterest page.


A new Q&A in the FAQ linking to known Series Land Rover forums. A new Advertising page describing benefits of advertising with us, plus instructions on targeting ads with Google AdWords.

New geolocation support so we can automatically detect country & currency based on user’s IP address. Country & currency are shown in the new “user bar” at the top of every page. All part prices are now estimated in the user’s local currency on-the-fly if different than the part’s original price (and denoted as such).


We now show phone numbers, email addresses, and twitter accounts for businesses when hovered over (this makes phone numbers significantly easier to find when not on a mobile device).

Refined search results to include summary of parts & businesses found and the ability to search only within specific categories (eBay parts, other parts, suppliers, or garages). The ability to search only parts or businesses in now accessible directly from the search box at the top of every page.


Fix to city & state rendering for international business listings, plus we now include Twitter & Facebook contacts for businesses. Added the Google+ widget alongside Twitter & Facebook on the homepage. Amazon advertising.

Further improvements to the underlying aggregator framework to allow easier implementation of new part sources. This ultimately allowed us to implement pulling listings from Land Rovers For Sale, a UK-based classifieds site.


Bug fixes, including resolving issues where some international Craigslist ads would remain after they had expired, rendering imporovements to "Right Now on eBay" and "eBay Compatible Application" logos, and resolved page heading rendering issues in Firefox and other browsers.

The default search operator is now and and we've completely rewritten the "How can I perform advanced searches?" answer in the FAQ. New previous/next links for faster navigation of multiple pages of items/businesses/search results. Minor SEO optimizations. A complete overhaul of the homepage with links to our Twitter & Facebook accounts and popular searches. Great improvement to the underlying framework powering the site to foster further improvements.


Minor rendering enhancements for search field. Fixed time zone & expiration calculations for parts in JavaScript. Custom, advanced email address obfuscation to protect suppliers’ & garages’ email contact information (JavaScript plus human verification when JavaScript is unavailable). Search results now also list suppliers & garages.


Fixed error in search results when no parts found. We've passed the Compatible Application Check and are now an official eBay Compatible Application.


Added contact page & favicon. Improved compliance w/eBay Developer Program license, incl. added appropriate logos and parts from eBay are now listed in separate tables than parts from other sources. Improved support for searching for three character words. Proper 404 errors.


Initial public release, incl. gathering parts from eBay & Craigslist, searching parts, and lists of part suppliers & garages. Google AdSense advertising.